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Electric permanent magnets achieve production mechanization, automation and quality


Along with the increasing modernization of production and application of electric permanent magnets are increasingly widespread, it plays an important role in national economy each department. A conglomerate with thousands of electric permanent magnet device. A medium-sized mechanical processing factory has hundreds of electric permanent magnet devices. Electric permanent magnet not only has a wide application in the heavy industry sector, even in light industry, food processing and tourism service industry, also more and more.

1. The lifting handling:

Especially for sheet steel plate lifting car axle, automobile chassis, container ship manufacturing, and other fields, the requirements for steel flat flat, and require a single plate lifting adhesion. Electrical characteristics of the permanent magnet jack is applicable to the above conditions.

2, welding clamping:

All kinds of pipes and steel plate joining together to clamping has stepped up its positioning, before welding. Electric permanent magnet jig by its powerful suction, and easy to use and reliable operation, etc. All kinds of fixture performance are better than others.

3. Metal cutting processing:

Including turning, milling, grinding, planing, drilling, etc., both for ordinary machine tool application, also suitable for machining center applications, do not need to change the original machine tool structure. So the market's great equipment, has a broad market prospect.

4. Quick die change:

Including injection molding machine, ceramic dry pressing machine, etc, the adjustment of saves a lot of work, the speed of the mould. Production of injection molding machine equipped with electric permanent magnet sucker profit space was bumped up, and by the users of all ages.


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