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Injection mould in lock mode when the matters needing attention


Injection mould in prone to vibrate when the lock mode, and the life of the machine for vibration and stability have great influence. So when adjusting the lock mode should pay attention to the following items:
1, mould opening mould starting speed is slow speed, speed under medium speed, slow medium pressure, commonly used for clamping the template to generate the clamping force has a certain amount of deformation, so the start-up pressure may be appropriately a few bigger, generally around 50%, low speed position depending on the model, generally in the mold to a little bit of position to reduce the open mold time, into a rapid mould.
2, rapid mould speed can be appropriate some pressure to reduce mould opening time, but the rapid mould and deceleration mould location must be appropriate to distance, because the impact of rapid mould when and inertia is large, must be a certain distance to eliminate the influence of inertia split cavity end position. But if the distance is too large will extend the time of open mould, mould opening can be slow speed pressure adjustment to small, generally at about 10 to 20, as long as able to support the template the minimum power can overcome resistance.
3, the expiration of the open mold time try not to have impact rebound phenomenon, because rebound instantaneous acceleration is very big, the machine wear is also very big, and cavity end position cannot be stable in the smaller range.
Hunan Qianhao Electrical and Mechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd . Research and development of electric permanent magnet, quick die change system adopts the most advanced technology of magnetic circuit and pulse discharge technology, electronic control is used to change in the distribution of magnetic circuit of magnets, rely on the powerful suction of permanent magnet adsorption mold, clamping and relaxation process only takes a few seconds, do not need electricity to maintain work, suction is as high as 160 n/c ㎡, completely avoid the drawbacks of the traditional way of the mould.

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