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Motorized Cable Reel


Motorized cable reel which is used for large size and long distance cable, which can be in synchronous operation with the mobile electric apparatus to coil up or spool off the cable. In view of its drive modes, there are torque motor type, long term locked torque motor type, hydraulic coupling type, magnetic hysteresis type and variable frequency motor type. The control loop of the reel provides the interface to the main control loop to keep in synchronous operation with the electric apparatus to coil up or spool off the cable. Its torque adjuster is employed to adjust the cable tension and make the cable durable.

There are many motorized cable reels available which can coil up or spool off the electric cable under 500V and high voltage cable for 6KV and 10KV.

Magnetic Hysteresis Type Cable Reel

Hysteresis cable reel series JH adopts installation mode of drive axis perpendicular to the main axis to improve the maintenance performance. It adopts non-contact type permanent-magnet coupling as differential speed synchronous equipment, having longer service life and ideal coiling characteristic to get long term locked. The product is widely used for the mobile mechanical equipments such as port portal crane, container crane, ship loader, tower crane and etc. It is provided with one or many magnetic hysteresis heads.

Long term locked torque motor type cable reel

Long term locked torque motor type cable reel series JL can transfer power, control power or signal. It adopts long term locked torque as power to provide continuous electricity and keep the winding and unwinding stable and reliable to reduce the impact to the cable when the cable reel starts. The product is suitable for large specification and long distance cable. When the torque of single piece is not enough, more piece can be added to meet the user’s requirement on distance and coiling mode.


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