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Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet for Tilting Plate Handling
For this special condition, Qianhao company has developed a variety of tilting lifting electro permanent magnet. In the use of steel plate or flat workpieces, sometimes need to be flanging, tilting lifting or stacking, and with a certain inclination angle to welding, assembly operations, that will n...
Electro Permanent Magnet handling for Steel Plates
Hunan Qianhao Electrical and Mechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd can independently design and produce large steel plate lifting equipment, one set of lifting equipment can be adapted to a multiple plates lifting in the unloading process, improve handling efficiency, can also handling by single plate for subsequent processing.
Integrated Permanent Electro Lifting Magnet
Electro Permanent Magnet Controller
New Electro Permanent Magnet Controller has complete functions and simple structure, microprocessor as the core, by adjusting magnetizing(demagnetizing) pulse current intensity of magnetic chuck, and the magnetizing (demagnetizing) current pulse numbers to achieve the best magnetizing(demagnetizing)...
Small Automation Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck
Small Automation Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck is used for rapid automated processing production lines, with features of high precision, uniform magnetic field, small magnetic flux leakage, high air-gap magnetic field. Alternative to pneumatic tools, can be used as glass processing chuck, mainly ...
Contactless Rectifier Control Cabinet for Lifting Electromagnet
The electric control cabinet, adopt contactless control mode, used with scrap lifting electromagnet. The strong excitation function can be chosen, pick-up at strong excitation (DC290V) and handling at weak excitation (DC220V). The advantages are as follow: 1. Adopt non-contact control mode, perfo...
Automatic Permanent Lifting Magnet for Steel Plate Handling
The new type automatic permanent magnetic lifter designed and manufactured by Qianhao, adopt flat ring rotating magnetic structure, modular design, adaptive plate roughness. Using with beam which specially manufactured by Qianhao, can realize combination lifting for one or more steel plates of chang...
Dual Switch Magnetic Welding Fixer (Model: QHCG-01)
Adopt casting aluminum alloy as the housing, beautiful appearance and impeccable shape; two independent magnetic switch, easy to operate. Unique magnetic circuit design to ensure that the on/off switch save effort and quick. Pole structure is not only adapt to the adsorption of the tablet, but also used to round object fixed, such as steel pipe, steel rod.
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