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Battery Powered Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet
QHBEP series battery powered electro permanent lifting magnet, is our newly developed high-performance magnetic lifting products, which adopt electro permanent magnet, battery and controller integrated structure. Control system utilizes the most advanced electronic circuit, non-contact switch in the...
Circular Tool Electro Permanent Magnet
Circular tool electro permanent magnet, adopt modular concept, it can be used as a modular unit. This series of products adopt ring-shaped magnetic pole structure, it can generate the maximum clamping force once the permeable workpiece material which meet the minimum thickness requirement completely...
Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet for Steel Coil
Electro permanent lifting magnet (EPM) for steel coil is specially for lifting steel coil. The magnetic performance of EPM completely designed aim at steel coil, only contact with material upper surface, no squeeze and deformation. Avoid damages to coils provoked by mechanical tongs. According to design requirement can be applied to high temperature lifting steel coils occasions (below 450℃).
Lifting Electromagnet Series MW5 for Steel Scraps
Suitable for cast ingot, steel ball, pig iron, machine chip, for various kinds of steel scraps, return scraps, cropping, baling scraps and etc in foundry factories and for iron powder in coal washery. During slag disposal process, it can remove large size of iron at initial step. Outlet box has two ...
Lifting Electromagnet Series MW61 for Steel Scraps
It can load & unload steel scraps efficiently at narrow trunk-shaped container and is called oval shape electromagnet owing to its special half-round structure. As chute dimensions in various steel companies are different, the following sample is just for your reference. And we can make the specific one as per your requirement.
Lifting Electromagnet Series MW84 for Steel Plate
This series is specially designed for lifting and transporting medium-thick steel plate. The whole operation is safe, exact and quick. When transport some long plates they easily go distortion. So we advice combination of multiple units to be used. For some plate which thickness is around the range ...
Lifting Electromagnet Series MW25 for Steel Pipe
The widely used electromagnet which has rectangular shape is suitable for lifting and transporting round and steel pipe, etc., and billet , steel ingot, bloom, profiled steel as well.
Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Grinding
Electro-permanent magnetic chuck can be used for surface grinder, tool grinder, EDM machine tool processing magnetic workpieces. Magnetic force even, machining precision high, suitable for processing thin and small workpieces.
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