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Spring Type Cable Reel


Spring type cable reel series JT is a kind of automatic cable reel driven by the spiral spring, which adopts the imported international universal technology of spiral power spring exploiting energy by itself, featuring simple power-supply, safety and reliability in operation and correct stress on the cable. There are many kinds of products available for the customers: slip ring built-in type with compact and pretty contour; slip ring exterior installed type in convenience of service; overhanging type which can coil up much longer cables; single arm type with smaller contour and volumn.

Structure Feature

1. Using spiral spring as drive without electric energy consumption and operation is reliable.

2. Using collector slipring-carbon brush bracket to transfer electric energy steadily and continuously.

3. Equipped with reversible unit to avoid reel counter-rotating to break down the spring.


Slipring Built-in Type

Slipring External-installed type


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