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Suction lift with lifting magnet scrap


Suction lift with lifting magnet scrap into MW5 series and MW61 series.
MW5 series lifting magnet which is mainly used for smoke hanging cast iron ingots, steel balls, raw iron, machine Gache crumbs; miscellaneous iron foundry, scrap, wire cutting head; packaging scrap and so on. In the slag treatment process for early removal of large pieces of iron, iron, etc. Also in the coal washery lifting. Dual-chamber outlet box, outlet box ad hoc thick protective plate, leads cable anti-twist setting. Its excitation mode can be used: Rated voltage DC220V way; strong excitation mode; over-excitation mode.
MW61 series lifting magnet for efficient handling mainly within the narrow wagon-like container scrap steel. Tailor-made according to the shape of the trunk, for lifting steel scrap, electromagnets typically designed two semi-circular structure, so called oval electromagnet. Due to various steel companies hopper size varies, it is increasing in size, special size can be customized.
Because many types of scrap iron and steel (in "GB 4223-2004 scrap steel", in relation divided into various heavy-duty steel scrap, scrap medium-sized and small scrap, scrap material type system, scrap and other light material type), its shape, size, weight, bulk density are not the same, there should be differences in the magnetic circuit design electromagnets so. If the solenoid is a certain kind of suction scrap based, Hunan one thousand ho for you to customize, give full play to their maximum effectiveness.

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